What remains? 

When life is not on calendar  And you have to face in the mirror the person you are  When the days have flown by and the hours are short  What is the life that you want to report  What measure will you use to tell your life’s story? Will you laugh and be glad or […]

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Living Full and Freedom 

What fills you? Is it worries and to do lists? Or is it inspiration, wisdom, and experiences?  Are we moving so fast we have forgotten the importance of what we are moving toward?  Discover what makes your eyes light up and do that more, everything else won’t matter one day…   

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“With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson” We are all architects of the future each day our habits determine if we build what was in the plans…

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The Community Table…

The beauty of the world that God created truly amazes and humbles me…his constant miracles are all around us in every moment, his careful brushstrokes forming the perfection of every leaf and petal…every light accross the sky…it is breathtaking to think that we are made uniquely and with the same deep love that created and […]

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Nature reminds us that everything we need is already in place.  Grow to the fullness of who you are, deeply rooted in rich soil and interconnected to all of life…  

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The Space Within Us…

  As I start to wade into the “dating pool” It is a bit overwhelming how much urgency people who love me and who I love put on “getting me out there”, because you have to “kiss a lot of frogs”, “fish in a big pond” etc. I sometimes start to question my own peace that […]

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Conversations in the Air- Ali- Lessons in leadership, life, literature, passion, peace, and inspiration 

It always amazes me how God moves through people, so many of my life’s greatests friends and teachers have come in the form of divine appointments.  Interactions so miraculously created and timed both from a perspective of providing the wisdom that I was ready to receive and logistically things that would never have happened if […]

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