Pippin – Lessons for a conscious life – Pt 1 Magic to Do


Join us…….. Leave your fields to flower
Join us…….. Leave your cheese to sour
Join us…….. Come and waste an hour or two

Journey……. Journey to a spot exciting, mystic and exotic
Journey…….. Through our anecdotic revue

We’ve got magic to do…….. Just for you
We’ve got miracle plays to play
We’ve got parts to perform…. Hearts to warm
Kings and things to take by storm
As we go along our way…..

The exciting and intriguing first song of Pippin “Magic to do” mirrors the tempting lure that our thoughts often present if unchecked to fall into a tempting and glorious perfect world created by our own thought…

As humans we often create a fantasy world where life is perfect, people act perfectly, we flawlessly live in perfect homes, have perfect bodies, perfect significant others, take the perfect amount of vacations…you get the idea….the challenge comes in the stark comparison between this flawless fantasy world of our thoughts and the very imperfect present world which in turn causes us a false pain that we numb through often self destructive behaviors such as tv watching, self medicating, etc…and in this time that we are in fantasy or in numbing life passes us by… our fields flower, our milk sours, and we enter another cycle of regret…

Will you let your thoughts lure you in or will you remind yourself that life is better when it is lived in the now….?

Every moment we have a choice between love and fear, choose love….

Go confidently in the directions of your dreams and live the life you have imagined…deedle-ee-do!


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