If we love something should we let it go…or should we love without holding on?

IMG_1919“If you love something let it go…”

In reflecting after listening to the Ekart Tolle and Wayne Dyer lecture on living an extraordinary life I found myself thinking of the age old expression “if you love something let it go, if it comes back its yours if it doesn’t it was never meant to be…”  the lecture suggests by its content that perhaps it is this mentality that must be “let go”, perhaps we should instead love without holding on…..

Throughout their teachings Wayne and Ekart teach the following principles….

1) Love knowing that all things will pass –> whether today or in 100 years all things will pass, allow yourself to love without attachment to time or fear of losing that which you love because eventually nothing lasts forever…in doing this we free ourselves to live in the moment and love fully

2) When we hold on to “things” or people we lose ourselves–> Control what you can control which is only your mindset and your behavior…love without expectation because in the end if you assume you can in some way control what happens you allow yourself to believe a falsity that can only lead to disappointment…instead love in each moment as though it is all there is…

3) Know that you are love—> love is not something somehow delivered then taken away we each hold love within ourselves all the time it is up to us to let it shine…

I leave you all to reflect on these thoughts as I have…and perhaps consider what does it mean to let go?  what would loving fully in every moment look like for a lifetime? why do we respond to love with fear of loss? is possession part of true love?

In each moment we all have a choice between love or fear….choose love….

Live passionately, love deeply, and laugh as much as you can.




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