Life ON Purpose – How my daily practice of watching Jimmy Fallon You Tube Videos in the morning changed my life for the better…

I am that person who has a stack of business and strategy books that I am reading at all times, I listen to more TED talks and podcasts in a day than most people do in a month, and if I am not meditating, praying, or working out I am probably either creating something or learning something…I call it being a “passionate seeker” some of my friends call it being a nerd… a title I also wear proudly…

Word has gotten out about my collection of best practices and resources that I have built from my insatiable thirst to soak of as much knowledge and wisdom as I can and people often ask me things like how I organize my time, set my goals, etc…(spoiler alert: The answer to those is I am still learning however can tell you what 50 really amazing folks do and what books to read about it) one common question that I have been getting a lot of lately is how do I start my day…Nobody seems to believe my answer, I wake up, read my morning devotional and talk to God for a bit, give thanks for this beautiful life…and then… I watch The Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show You Tube Clips and usually laugh until my stomach hurts…then I get up and spend quality time loving Maya, then I work out…day is ON…

While you have to ultimately find the morning routine that works for you, this one has been serving me well…It’s evolved over time and will continue to evolve…however…when I think about it, it does for my spirit what the airlines tell us every time before we take off…”Put your own oxygen mask on before serving others…”  For me my morning routine truly fills me up with the love, joy, and laughter that I hope to in turn pour out to the world over the course of the day…

Would love to hear from you beautiful people reading this…What’s your favorite morning routine or daily practice?


Namaste (The Divine Light Within Me Honors the Divine Light Within You)



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