One Moment At A Time…

There are times when life seems like a stream of choices…each one, no matter how small it may seem, builds our future and who we are in each moment…

We decide if we are going to clean the car today or tomorrow, if we are going to leave the dishes in the sink until the next day, and if we have “time” to go to the gym…

One of the hard realities is that sometimes when we need to keep moving the most we become paralyzed…and to stop ourselves from feeling guilty we start to become immune to what is piling up around us, retreating to the dream reality of our minds … A good friend today reminded me how courage is not what you do in the absence of fear but what you do when you are terrified…I believe that intentionality and mindfulness are much the same way…

When chaos creeps don’t give in to the lull of the tv or the comfort of the couch…instead force yourself to come back into your real world…scan your reality, make a list, set a timer and decide to keep moving…time can be a healer of all things or a steamroller of opportunities…

Sometimes what we need to do the most is the most uncomfortable, learn to smile and breath and move forward one moment at a time…

Eventually, moment by moment, breath by breath you will be the curator of the life you intend to live….

Happy Building 🙂



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