Burnout Recovery- 2 Important Things to Know/Do When You Feel Stuck

For me burnout was the thing that happened to other people who weren’t as passionate as I was…until I did…and literally couldn’t even know it was happening at the time because as the name indicates it was like someone blew out the flame of my engine….there was no go, no do, no “dig deep”, because there was nothing left…

The road back has been a slow one, but I have been closer to God and my purpose than ever before…there is something strangly beautiful as you swim through the dark depths of having nothing left to give there comes a moment when you look up and see light again…and as you look to the light just like being under water you start moving with speed back toward the surface, light, and air and suddenly you break through…gasping but able to breath and see again….

In those moments you realize how important air and land are…for me coming out of burnout is hard but I can feel how God has molded me through the wisdom, clarity, and perseverance that are coming as an outcome of my journey back.

1) God needs you to keep moving- if you find yourself thinking about everything that has broken or having anxiety over strange things, pray then shift gears and work on something/anything – Fast from all thoughts that aren’t moving you toward a goal.  Your “new self” has lots of digging out to do from your “old self’s” poor choices and actions.  Don’t be mad know that getting through the digging is what will make your new self stronger.  

2) Keep ALL the promises you make to yourself, use your word wisely- if you say you will get up early and do something do it, call people back, answer the phone, etc.  You will miss some and that’s ok but know what they are and comit to doing better the next day.  Try to intentionally make and keep three promises a day to yourself. Can be as simple as time will get to work, going to gym, making bed.  

Allow yourself to live new you habits while cleaning up old you’s messes.  Keep your vision and goals visible and clear at all times.  

Envision yourself in 2 years telling your story of how the experience made you better and picture yourself at your absolute best.  Thank God, pray constantly, and express gratitude for little things.  Be thankful for the opportunity to face hopelessness and come back from it, know that so many other folks are or have gone through what you are going through you will inspire them with your story.  

Would love to hear your stories and what you did to recover?

Much love and light,



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