Love and Relationships- Starts with You

So it’s true…I am single and over 30.  I have gone a long time not officially outing myself because I have been trying to understand why the world seems to put women in my situation in a “high risk” bucket. I get it, life is hard and it’s easier to “do life” in many ways with someone else.  However, I also know that easy is not always what’s best.  

Before everyone reading this panicks and starts looking in their phone for divorced friends and family members to hook me up with let me please tell you three reasons why I am not panicked or rushing to find MrRight.  

#1- I believe that most relationships fail not because of the other person but because we find ourselves not being who we want to be in them. Some major reasons this could happen we don’t know who we are, we aren’t deeply rooted in who we are, our behaviors are not aligned with who we envision ourselves as being….so when I picture my perfect relationship I am pulling out the details of that life in my mind and working hard to be the woman in that life.

#2 – I trust in God’s timing and don’t want my own impatience to get in the way of his plan.  I know his plan is bigger and better than anything I can even dream.  It’s my job to be ready when the time comes. 

#3- Perhaps I’m a little old fashioned but I love being pursued, feeling wanted, saught after etc. and there is something magical about the start of a relationship.  I have come to the realization if I am running around looking or running toward someone or something how can I give the right person the chance to pursue me? I have to be moving fast and confidently in the direction God is pointing me in for that to happen…so fast and confident it is…not constantly looking around and pausing to see if anyone is coming after me…when the right one is I believe I will know. 

Now all of that being said am I excited about meeting Mr. Right and having our life together of course…

But I know God’s timing is the perfect timing and in the meantime I will enjoy the last times of my life as a single woman and these quiet times to get closer to God in ways I haven’t before because they are truly beautiful and as we all know in a breath life can change forever…

Love and Light,



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