Conversations in the Air- Ali- Lessons in leadership, life, literature, passion, peace, and inspiration 

It always amazes me how God moves through people, so many of my life’s greatests friends and teachers have come in the form of divine appointments.  Interactions so miraculously created and timed both from a perspective of providing the wisdom that I was ready to receive and logistically things that would never have happened if one decision in the course of events leading up to them had been any different that the interactions alone demonstrates the miracles working in our lives every day.  Reminding us of where to keep our eyes and hearts fixed.

I am continuously learning that while society might tell us to limit ourselves in times where there is a lot going on – “save time”, “save money”, “save energy” etc.  we must also listen to where and what and who we are being called to invest in, because it is in giving ourselves to God and in his will giving ourselves to others that we are ultimately filled up.  

In moments where I felt called to go somewhere and listened to God over what society told me I should be doing he has always blessed me beyond measure through the people and wisdom that comes into my life through the experience…it is experiences like these that have helped me to prioritize and simplify my life…creating focus and clarity amid the whirlwinds of information and expectations of an Information age life…

Today’s trip was one of those moments.  Reason would have told me not to go see one of my best friends key note, however, my heart knew I had to go.  As I walked through the airport on my way to my gate I stopped for a bottle of water.  As I went to check out the woman behind the counter was laughing and talking about how grateful she was for company, meaning customers to talk to.  She beamed as I handed her my money and went on talking about how God blesses us with people to talk to…at that moment I felt the whisper in my heart to listen carefully and be extra in tune with the people around me because God needed to tell me something…

Sure enough, as I took my seat there Ali was…his aura of love, kindness, wisdom, and fun pulled me in from the moment I sat next to him.  I won’t share his full name yet, as I am writing this on the second leg of my flight and don’t have his permission yet.  However, stay tuned I hope to interview him one day soon.  Our conversation started around family, the communities in Maryland that we were both familiar with, and faith and then as we moved across the sky my new friend blessed me and we both sat laughing and tearing up at times as he shared one of the most beautiful stories that I have ever heard ..his story…the story of a young Pakistani Shepard who fell in love with a translation of Shakespeare’ King Lear and as a result followed his passion to leave home and seek an education and to learn English so that he could read the play in the language it had been written in…and that journey led him to teach in some of top Universities around the world, to serve a post in the U.S. State Department and ultimately to start his own company.  He showed me pictures of his beautiful family, spoke about how they travel the world, and I came to learn that the humble man beside me was also one of the most influential leaders and peace makers focused on healing the Middle East. 

I probably don’t know all the ways yet but I do know that my divine appointment with Ali has changed me, made me a better leader, a better woman, a better Child of God, and that the wisdom and stories he shared with me are a both a great gift and great responsibility.    A gift in that they have changed me, grown me, and shaped me and they have the power to do the same for others every time they are told and a responsibility to be a great steward of the wisdom entrusted to me and to spreading awareness around the need for peace and what each person can do to make a difference…

You never know how or where God will touch your life and bless you with his love and wisdom however it is usually through people that come into our lives not because we opened the door but because God places them exactly where he is taking us…

Grateful for a divine appointment and this #superblessed life,

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