The Space Within Us…

  As I start to wade into the “dating pool” It is a bit overwhelming how much urgency people who love me and who I love put on “getting me out there”, because you have to “kiss a lot of frogs”, “fish in a big pond” etc. I sometimes start to question my own peace that God will lead me to my partner at the perfect time and when we are both ready….

I have decided to keep my peace, however, am embracing learning a lot about myself and what it means to be human through the journey of navigating these unknown dating waters…

I think perhaps deep within all of us at some point in life is a desire for something “more”, a yearning to find a “missing piece”…often we don’t know exactly what that “piece” is however, we believe we will know it when we see it…and so we live our lives searching for what is missing afraid that while we are trying to find it/fix it someone will find out that we are broken, that we are missing something…perhaps a deep part of who we are is defined by what we believe is missing and how we go about trying to find it and/or fill it up…

 …Society today has found ways to capitalize on this part of the human experience to create buyers, consumers, and unfulfilled seekers who always will want more…who are looking for something to fill the space inside of themselves that feels empty…or at least hide the fact that something is missing…

We are in chaos and motion searching for this “thing” that is missing…afraid to slow down and “miss out” on “it”…however, the more we search and the busier we become looking the greater our sense of emptiness also becomes…for all the searching in the world we will not find what we are looking for…because that space inside us is actually calling us to go within…our brains are created to think, our bodies to move and both determine much of how we experience the world…however our deepest essence is in our spirit, the breath that fills our body…our deepest sense of identity, and fulfillment beyond the biological comes from our spiritual self and yet we rarely take time to listen to or care for it…we feed ourselves, exercise, brush our teeth and sleep to care for our physical bodies, we read, we study, and absorb information to care for our minds…but what do we do to care for our spirit…?

When we are still …when we quiet the noise of our own thoughts and emotions…we realize that there is a space within us where we can connect to something that is not our mind or body but something deeper, something bigger…often times the void we look to fill with what is outside of ourselves isn’t from something that we don’t have…the void we feel often comes from within…a call to our consciousness to reconnect and tune into the deep waters of our spirit…

We may experience this place within ourselves as the absence of something because we are not used to connecting to our own spirit however, often what we think is emptiness is actually a sacred space… a space where we can connect to our spirit to the source of who we are and why we are here…you know you have connected to this space when you realize that it is through it that energy, love, and purpose flow into your being…when we stop searching for what we “need” and instead feel inspired to fill up others and lift up the world with what is inside of us we are in a state of connection and flow….

I believe it is important to understand where the people you are in relationship with are in their journey….when we are seeking to fill the gap we feel within with people, things, or accomplishments etc. we can misdirect ourselves from our purpose and create painful cycles of fruitlessness in our own lives… For a moment we might think we found “it”, what we were searching for…however, fulfillment will be fleeting and the fall often painful…people looking for “someone” to fill the spaces in their lives are likely to have much discontent and conflict ahead…do not engage romantically with them and if you are in other types of relationship with them gently try to advise and help them connect to their true spiritual source for what they are seeking, share your journey, but also give them space, we are creatures who often have to learn through struggle….it is sad to me how many people seem to be so disconnected and caught in the shadow of their own world…but then again that was me not that long ago…of course when we are in it we don’t realize we are the source of our own discontent…

…I believe beautiful relationships are forged and thrive when two people who are already connected to source and are experiencing fulfillment, happiness etc. through the deep connection to their spirit and purpose come together because they share common goals and visions for the value they want to create in the world…they are guided to one another by their individual connection to something bigger…they are happy and fulfilled together because they were happy and fulfilled a part…I know this to be true from my friendships and believe when it is my time for romance the same will be true…however, I am not waiting I am enjoying this new part of my life’s journey and learning a lot about how outside of God’s will we are the most critical factor to relationship success not the other person….
…Don’t rush to fill your spaces instead lean into them, be still and listen, connect to what gives your spirit life, give space to what drains you- our life creates our energy, our energy is a magnet – live beautifully and attract beautiful ….

Thanks for reading would love to hear your thoughts 🙂


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