The Community Table…

The beauty of the world that God created truly amazes and humbles me…his constant miracles are all around us in every moment, his careful brushstrokes forming the perfection of every leaf and petal…every light accross the sky…it is breathtaking to think that we are made uniquely and with the same deep love that created and carefully directs everything…he controls the tide, the rise and setting of the sun, the breath that fills every living thing…It is incredible…life is pregnant with his miracles and they are overflowing a testament to his love and Grace…Tony Evans once said “you have not seen God move until you have seen God move people….”…at the time I first heard it I thought I knew what he meant but as with most wisdom it has evolved in its meaning to me as my comprehension has gained more depth…and I am truly grateful because it has helped me to understand even more how there are miracles in motion all the time working in and around all of us is we listen, if we take the time to truly see, if we allow ourselves the courage to feel…

Beauty, synchronicity, connection…as the tide moves because the earth and moon are attracted to each other, we have freedom of choice but God is calling us to our highest purpose through the people in our lives and what inspires us and what ignights our passion…

Last night with two dear friends the universe conspired to show us wisdom that we each uniquely required for our journey…we left work to go to one of the hottest restaurants in town (rightfully so it’s incredible)…expecting to not find parking, we pulled into a spot directly in front of the restaurant…then expecting to not be able to find a table , two kind gentleman slid over so that the three of us could join the community table…we shared beautiful fare and a lovely conversation about life, belief systems, leadership…and  we looked up to the two kind men who had afforded us a seat smiling, eyes gleaming with wisdom as they asked us what we did…we came to learn that they were two top well renowned behavioral social psychologists and there over dinner all the answers we were looking for were poured into our lives…God is amazing…in the words of my dear friend after dinner “I will now always sit at the community table…”  I am so incredibly grateful for the miracles of last night they served as such a reminder that we have everything we need to do the work has called us to do, and when we don’t he will send us exactly what we need at the exact right time…don’t wait do the work you are called to do with what is in your hands, pray constantly, be connected and in community, and seek to listen and learn whenever you can…he is always faithful…he is always present and his love always has been and always will be…

We are all stewards of God’s will and Children of God…think, act, and believe accordingly…
In deep gratitude,


“Thank the miracle-working God , His love never quits. The God whose skill formed the cosmos, His love never quits. The God who laid out earth on ocean foundations, His love never quits. The God who filled the skies with light, His love never quits. The sun to watch over the day, His love never quits. Moon and stars as guardians of the night, His love never quits. The God who struck down the Egyptian firstborn, His love never quits. And rescued Israel from Egypt’s oppression, His love never quits. Took Israel in hand with his powerful hand, His love never quits. Split the Red Sea right in half, His love never quits. Led Israel right through the middle, His love never quits. Dumped Pharaoh and his army in the sea, His love never quits. The God who marched his people through the desert, His love never quits. Smashed huge kingdoms right and left, His love never quits. Struck down the famous kings, His love never quits. Struck Sihon the Amorite king, His love never quits. Struck Og the Bashanite king, His love never quits. Then distributed their land as booty, His love never quits. Handed the land over to Israel. His love never quits. (‭Psalm‬ ‭136‬:‭4-22‬ MSG)”

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