Oxygen Mask

I am incredibly grateful that I am afforded the privilege of being a frequent flyer due to the nature of my work…aside from the beauty of being reminded every time that I step onto a plane of how truly any dream is possible (Imagine how crazy the wright brothers must have seemed)…I also have the […]

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One Moment At A Time…

There are times when life seems like a stream of choices…each one, no matter how small it may seem, builds our future and who we are in each moment… We decide if we are going to clean the car today or tomorrow, if we are going to leave the dishes in the sink until the […]

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It seems so easy for the demands of life to pile up, blocking the door to what we most desire…however, after having the privilege to compare the life and habits of the very successful with those of the “stuck” and lethargic I think there is nothing more powerful than the power of decision…knowing what you […]

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