The Space Within Us…

  As I start to wade into the “dating pool” It is a bit overwhelming how much urgency people who love me and who I love put on “getting me out there”, because you have to “kiss a lot of frogs”, “fish in a big pond” etc. I sometimes start to question my own peace that […]

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Oxygen Mask

I am incredibly grateful that I am afforded the privilege of being a frequent flyer due to the nature of my work…aside from the beauty of being reminded every time that I step onto a plane of how truly any dream is possible (Imagine how crazy the wright brothers must have seemed)…I also have the […]

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Space… The space between our words… The space we keep in our schedules… Space in our homes… Space in our hearts and minds… To “have space” typically implies one of two things that there is something that “should” be there that is not or it implies opportunity, potential…possibility… So often our lives are flooded with […]

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